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What does „Additional Option“ mean? The key „Additional Option“ was developed to allow you to easily manage and invoice all services you offer and provide to your clients (including services outside of tabuni).

The special thing about items with the key „Additional Option“ is that they can be billed in a specific way (immediately, monthly, monthly in advance, annually in advance) and may have their own termination periods, deviating from the tariff.

Using the key „Additional Option,“ you can easily invoice and manage such services.

Items created with the key „Additional Option“ can be booked and terminated for each account on the Contract Management page. Booking additional options is only possible for operators‘ account employees with the „Manager“ permission level and is used for managing and invoicing all possible options and services utilized by the client. The client themselves does not have access to the management of additional options.

Booking an additional option

Open the additional options and select from the available additional options the one that should be booked for the client.

Canceling an additional option

Click the „Terminate with notice“ button.

The notice termination date will be transferred to the „End“ field.