Client-capable customer portal software

Client-capable customer portal software

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tabuni allows you to provide your customers with a customer portal. A visitor to your customer portal can create a customer account and thereby become a user of your customer portal. By logging into the created customer account, the user gains access to the services and offerings of the customer portal.

A client is a customer on whose behalf you act. tabuni enables the management of an unlimited number of clients. In simple terms, this involves the strict separation of data. Data from different clients never come into contact with each other, as they are stored in different accounts.

Service Offering of the Customer Portal Software

With a customer portal, you can offer various services to your users.

Is your customer looking for a telephone service or a telephone secretariat? In your tabuni customer portal, your customer can order and set up your telephone service within minutes. All fully automatic.

Is your customer looking for a chat solution for a website chat or needs assistance with the website chat because they cannot always respond to chat requests? With your tabuni customer portal, you can offer your customer both the website chat and the service associated with it.

Does your customer need a support hotline? Do appointments need to be managed? Does your customer want different processing instructions in different situations? With the FAQ module, your customer can store and organize unlimited knowledge and information, which can be used, for example, for the telephone service.

Is your customer looking for a calendar solution? Offer your customer tabuni calendars under your branding. Ideal in combination for appointment management with other services and long-term customer loyalty.

Modular Structure

Tabuni is modular. Offered services are assigned to different modules. The billing basis of a module is a corresponding tariff. For a module to be ordered, there must be a tariff for that module.

New Customers in No Time

To take advantage of the services offered in the customer portal, your client must order the corresponding module. During the ordering process, your client selects a tariff offered by you, which represents the billing basis between you and your client. All contract-relevant information is stored and can be viewed at any time by your client and you under contract management. Further formalities are not necessary.