Contract management

Contract management

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On the Contract Management page, you and your customer will find all relevant contract data and numerous settings, ensuring an immediately positive experience for your customer, building trust, and increasing customer loyalty. Increased customer loyalty leads to on average longer contract durations.

Contract Data (1)

The „Contract Data“ is located on the Contract Management page and is selected and displayed by default when you access the Contract Management page.

Account Owner (2)

Under Account Owner, you will find the name of the account owner and the function „Delete Account.“ The „Delete Account“ can only be clicked if there are no active modules in an account (in the specific example, the client has an active Telephone Service module (13)). Therefore, all modules must be terminated first, and the termination date must be reached to delete an account.

Contract Partner (3)

Your contract partner or the contact record provided during the initial order of a module. Changes to the contract partner can only be made at the „Manager“ permission level.

Billing Address (4)

If an address is entered here, it will be printed on invoices and credit notes instead of the contract partner. Changes to the billing address only affect future documents.

Payment Conditions (5)

For each client, the „general payment conditions“ specified in the billing settings apply at the time of contract conclusion. If different payment conditions should apply for a client than the general ones, they can be set here. Changes to the payment conditions can only be made at the „Manager“ permission level.

Contract Duration (6)

Creating an account in the customer portal is free and non-binding. When a module is ordered within the account, a (possibly chargeable) contract is concluded between the operator of the customer portal and the client. The contract duration shows the start of the contract for the currently „oldest“ module. Changes to the contract duration can only be made at the „Manager“ permission level.

Customer Number (7)

Here you can enter an arbitrarily chosen customer number for a client’s account (e.g., from your accounting program).

VAT (8)

If the reverse charge procedure must be applied for a client or services are not taxable, you can make the settings here.

Invoice Recipient (9)

Here, recipients for invoices and credit notes can be entered, and you can choose whether documents should be sent as an attachment to the email or as a download link.

Purchase Order Number (10)

If the client needs a reference number for your services on their invoice, it can be entered here.

Legal (11)

The date on which the client agreed to your terms and conditions or GDPR. Additionally, relevant documents can be viewed at this location.

Test Account (12)

If an account is a test account and not a regular account, you can make the setting here. Changes to the test account can only be made at the „Manager“ permission level.

Modules (13)

Modules that can be ordered by the client. In the specific case, the „Telephone Service“ module was ordered and is displayed as active.

Module-Specific Data (1)

Under each respective module, module-specific data can be viewed and edited.

"Current Tariff," "Change Tariff," "Terminate" (2)

Current Tariff: shows the price list of the currently running tariff.

Change Tariff: provides the option to change to another tariff with notice.

Terminate: the module can be terminated with notice. When „Changing Tariff“ and „Termination“ are performed, the termination periods specified in the tariff settings are considered. As a Manager, you can choose termination dates different from tariff settings. The client cannot do this.

Additional Options

If you have created items with the key „Additional Option“ for a tariff, they can be selected and added to the account here, starting from the „Manager“ permission level.