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Invoicing has an interface to import reminder data (e.g., from your accounting system).

To import reminder data, open Invoicing, click on Batch Processing, and in the opening dialog, select „Upload Reminder Data…“. Choose the text (.txt) or CSV file (.csv) where your reminder data is stored and click „Open.“

In the next step, you will receive the result of the import process and a list of reminders that have not been sent yet.

After clicking „Send Reminders…“, a final security prompt will appear. Confirm it with „Yes“ to send the reminders.

Example of a Reminded Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunning

How are reminders sent?

The same settings as for sending invoices and cancellations apply to reminders. These settings can be made by you or the client in the contract management.

I am unable to import reminder data. What should I do?

  1. Check if you are using the correct file format (.txt or .csv).

  2. Review the data in the file.

The file must have the following structure and columns:


You can use the sample file for testing. Before importing the file, replace „Your-Invoice-Number (Real Data)“ with an existing invoice number in your tabuni instance. Ensure that you do not click „Send Reminders“ after importing and delete the imported sample data.