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Exporting Documents

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Invoicing has an export interface that allows you to prepare and export documents for your accounting software in an optimized manner.

To export documents, open Invoicing.

Click on „Batch Processing,“ and in the opening dialog, select „Export Documents…“

Once you have made all the necessary settings, confirm the dialog by clicking „Export Now.“ All documents that have not been exported yet will now be exported. The export file will be available for download afterward.

Download the Export File

Documents are exported only once. The exported file is permanently available for download.

A document can have three different states in terms of export status:

Not yet exported Exported Ignored – An invoice that was canceled before reaching the „Exported“ status will be ignored for export, and the same applies to the associated cancellation document.

A document that has been exported has been written into an export file. Using the document itself, you can find the corresponding export file:

Look for the document for which you want to download the export file.

In the „Export Status“ column, you can see the status of a document. In case the desired document has been exported, the corresponding export file can be downloaded directly via the download icon.