Invoice creation

Invoice creation

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Invoice manages invoice items that are to be billed to a customer when the due date of the respective invoice item(s) is reached. Invoice items that have reached the due date are presented as „billing data.“ Billing is done in the form of invoice printing.

So, writing an invoice in tabuni means capturing invoice items for a customer and billing them as billing data through invoice printing upon reaching the due date.

Capturing invoice items

1. Open Invoice.

2. Select the client for whom you want to write an invoice.


3. Click on a „plus sign“ to create an invoice item for the respective module.

Add an existing tariff item or create any manual position.

Printing billing data

Billing data whose due date has been reached (i.e., whose due date is not in the future) can be printed as an invoice.

Depending on the customer’s settings in contract management, the customer will receive an email with the invoice document attached or a download link after invoice printing.

Invoices are stored in the customer’s archive.

Frequently asked questions about writing invoices:

I created an invoice item, but I can't see it in the billing data.

You probably created an invoice item with a due date that is in the future based on the current date setting in „Show invoice items.“ More information on billing & due date.

Solution: Select „All“ in the „Show invoice items“ setting area.

What permission level is required for "writing invoices"?

The individual recording of invoice items for a specific customer is part of Invoice.

Required permission for operator staff: SuperManager

Required permission for client staff: –