Office service & secretarial service software

Office service & secretarial service software

As an office service and secretariat software, tabuni serves equally as an ERP and CRM solution. Through centralized data storage and resulting synergies, the ongoing business operations become more efficient than ever before.

Be Free and Independent

Thanks to the tabuni Cloud, there’s no need to operate your own server anymore. Data backup concepts are a thing of the past for you. No license costs for server operating systems. No update and maintenance costs. With tabuni, concerns and stress regarding hardware and software are a thing of the past for you.

Customizable to Your Company

tabuni comes as White Label Software and is 100% customizable to your corporate identity. Don’t waste any time and start today.

Automation: The Booster for Your Sales

tabuni is designed as cloud software to automate the management of the services offered. Within minutes, a new client, for example, can set up an account and the telephone service without any action required on your part.

Client-Enabled Customer Portal Software

With tabuni, each client gets their own account. Within the account, your client can access the entire service offering of tabuni. This keeps you in constant contact with your clients, increases customer satisfaction, and enhances customer loyalty.

Video: Call processing with tabuni from the perspective of the telephonist

In this video, you will learn:

  • which variables can be utilized by tabuni for incoming calls,
  • how to prevent the telephonist from accidentally sending their own client’s phone number as the callback number,
  • how to select and modify an existing contact from the database,
  • how to create a call note and send it to the client.

Software for Telephone Service

Whether your client is a small sole proprietorship or a corporation with several thousand employees, with the telephone service software module from tabuni, you can meet all requirements and industries.

Central Knowledge Database and File Manager

Chats have surpassed phones in popularity among internet users. With tabuni, your company is well-prepared. You can offer your customers the setup and management of a website live chat.

Zentrale Wissensdatenbank und Dateimanager

With the FAQ software module, you and your clients can store an unlimited amount of information, processing guides, documents, and images. The FAQs can be used for handling calls, chats, and other services.

Appointment Management & Online Calendar

Offer your customers your own online calendar for appointment management as a special service. The calendar is perfect for collaboration between the client and office service, easy to use, and has powerful features.