The offer is exclusively for business operators. All prices are plus the applicable VAT.

tabuni managed Server

Whitelabel Partner Edition
200 Monthly
  • tabuni Instance
    Duration: 12 months
    Notice period: 3 months
    Billing cycle: annually
  • Client Access
    User accounts for employees unlimited, included in the price.
  • Updates
    All updates are included in the price.
  • Backup Concept
    Daily backup of the software, database, and data included in the price. Provision of a backup server and cluster IP address included in the price.
  • tabuni Module 1 € / Month
    Duration: 1 month
    Notice period: 1 month
    Billing cycle: monthly

tabuni managed SIP-Trunk

Scalable telephone system
10 Monthly / Voice channel
  • Voice Channel
    Duration: 1 month
    Notice period: 1 month
    Billing cycle: monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tabuni instance?

A Tabuni instance is a server-side software installation. The subsequent operation and application run exclusively in your browser on any computer with an internet connection. Tabuni is installed exclusively for your company on a high-performance web server and customized in design with your corporate identity, including logo and colors.

What is a tabuni module?

Within the Tabuni instance, you can offer various services and features to your customers. The prices for these services are set in tariffs. Some of these services that customers can order are chargeable. These are Tabuni modules as defined in this price list. The module list will be expanded with future updates, thereby enhancing the offerings for your customers. Of course, you can pass on the respective modules to your customers, and the pricing is determined solely by you.

List of Tabuni modules:
Call processing (Account), Call processing (Employee), FAQ (Account), FAQ (Employee), Calendar (Account), Chat processing (Account), Invoicing (Account).

Can a tabuni instance be used without tabuni managed SIP trunk?

Yes, a Tabuni instance can be operated individually and independently.

What is a voice channel?

A voice channel in the context of telecommunications is the technical setup required to establish a connection between at least two participants.

Example 1:
To conduct a conversation initiated externally or directed to an external participant, you need a voice channel.

Example 2:
When two internal participants need to communicate with each other, you require two voice channels.

Can a tabuni managed SIP trunk be used without a tabuni instance and without a tabuni employee?

Yes. A tabuni managed trunk can be operated individually and independently.