Set up 3CX client for telephone service (webclient & Windows)

Setting up 3CX Client for Telephony Service (Webclient & Windows)

To transfer the „called number“ and „caller ID“ parameters to tabuni when receiving a call in your 3CX, the following setting needs to be configured in the Webclient.

1. Log in to the 3CX Webclient or open your 3CX Windows Client. If you’re unsure how to log in to the 3CX Webclient, please click here.

2. In the 3CX Client, click on the „3 dots“ on the left in the vertical menu and in the submenu select Settings.

3. Under Settings, click on Integration.


3. In Integration, make the following settings:

a.) Custom contact URL with variables to open automatically

b.) Enter the following address in Open contact URL:

c.) For Notify, set it to Ring.