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Setting up tabuni

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Setting up tabuni for your company as a customer portal and telephone service software for your employees is very easy because, after placing an order, we handle the entire technical part for you. You don’t need to worry about anything, and the setup is free for you.

Nevertheless, it can be assumed: It’s not entirely without you, of course. Because what would be a customer portal without content, without terms of use, and without provider identification?

Below, we have compiled a list for you to make it easier for you to gather the necessary information.


Format: .gif / .jpg / .png
Width: 200 px
Height: 50 px

4 html files


Please provide us with your privacy policy for visitors to your website, terms and conditions, imprint, and your order data processing according to the GDPR in html format. Simply insert your texts into a text file and format the text with html tags.

Privacy policy, terms and conditions, and imprint are linked in the footer of all websites created by tabuni.

Every visitor to your website must agree to your privacy policy for unrestricted use.

Your order data processing according to the GDPR will be displayed to the user of the customer portal when registering an account and during further ordering processes within the customer portal.

The date on which your registered user has agreed to your terms and conditions as well as the order data processing will also be stored in the contract management and can be accessed at any time by you and the user of the customer portal.

Sample files

We provide you with 4 sample files to illustrate the formatting.

To see the formatting, download the files and open them with a text editor.

General Disclaimer: The provided information does not replace individual legal advice. They are non-binding, not part of any contract, and their use is at your own risk.

Useful html tags

<h2>Heading 2</h2>

<h3>Heading 3</h3>

<h4>Heading 4</h4>


<br /> Inserts a line break.

<b>Highlights the enclosed text as „bold“</b>

<i>Highlights the enclosed text as „italic“</i>


Email address for Administrator

Please provide us with the email address to be used as the username for the administrator login.

The administrator is essentially the owner of the tabuni customer portal and has unrestricted permissions.

Color Theme

Hexadecimal color code main color. Please let us know your desired color to customize tabuni. Based on your main color, we calculate all other colors to ensure everything matches.

Outgoing Mail Server

With tabuni, all possible emails are sent to you and users of the customer portal: login confirmations, order confirmations, conversation notes, etc.

To be able to send emails on your behalf and via your email server, you need to provide us with the settings of your outgoing mail server. You can obtain this information from your provider where your domain is hosted.

For the setup of tabuni, we need from you:

Host: „Name or URL of your outgoing mail server“
Port: „Port number through which emails are sent“
Password: „Password“
Name: „Name displayed to the recipient of an email“
Address: „Email address“
Username: „Username if different from the email address“

Domain & SSL Certificate

Tabuni is a browser-based software (cloud software). You can use it fully from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. To work with the software, it must be accessible via a domain.

Please let us know the domain on which you want to operate tabuni. This can also be a subdomain.


For tabuni to work smoothly and securely in current browsers, data exchanged between the client and server must be encrypted.

For this, we need an SSL certificate (.pfx / Windows) for the domain on which you want to operate tabuni.