Software for telephone service & call processing

Software for telephone service & call processing

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Specialized software for telephone service, secretarial service, and office service

The tabuni software for telephone service, secretarial service, and office service provides the agent with unique evaluation logic that supplies the telephonist with the exact information needed at any point in call processing.

The handling of calls is automatically documented with tabuni.

Clients and their employees can read all information in their own customer account and receive comprehensive email and SMS notifications about all processes.

Video: Call Processing with Tabuni from the Telephonist's Perspective

In this video, you will learn:

  • which variables can be used by tabuni for incoming calls,
  • how to prevent the telephonist from accidentally sending the client’s own phone number as a callback number,
  • how an existing contact can be selected and modified from the database,
  • how a conversation note can be created and sent to the client.

What the tabuni software for telephone service offers you

Support for the telephonist

Evaluation logic: Information is presented to the telephonist in a "digestible" manner.

One of the special features of tabuni call processing is the evaluation logic used by tabuni. Thanks to this technology, the telephonist is always shown only the information needed for call processing at that moment.

This allows each telephonist to visually capture the necessary information from the many data and process the call according to the processing guidelines.

No information is forgotten or overlooked, and thus, nothing is left uncommunicated to the caller.

A natural conversation flow between telephonists and callers is achieved with a consistent quality standard, regardless of the individual skills of the telephonist.

Individual & dynamic conversation note forms

Individual forms dynamically adapt to the telephonist’s situation. This ensures that the telephonist always knows which data of the caller needs to be requested for the specific case. With additional dynamic color adjustments to the conversation note, the telephonist is sure whether something is missing or all data has been correctly captured.

Client portal for the client: Login data for each client and their employees

The tabuni call processing module comes as a 100% cloud solution. This means that the client is, in principle, able to make all settings themselves and can directly follow every process. This ensures 100% transparency, leading to trust and long-term collaboration.

Limitless Scalability: Serve the requirements of clients of any size and complexity

With tabuni’s software for telephone service, processing guidelines for call handling can be configured.

Processing guidelines are structuredly stored and can thus be easily maintained and used in different contexts.

Distinctions are made between:

  • Processing guidelines for the client’s account or
  • organization Processing guidelines for individual employees (or departments) of the client
  • Processing guidelines for individual callers
  • Processing guidelines through the FAQ module

Due to the structured storage of processing guidelines, you can save an unlimited number of processing guidelines. Whether your client is a one-person business or a global player with thousands of employees, tabuni’s software for telephone service ensures perfect implementation.

VIP Service & Messages for Individual Callers

Processing note for callers – the VIP service

With tabuni, you can even set processing guidelines for individual callers and display them to the telephonist so that the implementation of processing guidelines is effortless for all telephonists.

Message for callers – The Post-it® note

Individual callers can be provided with a specific and individual message for the next call.

Inbound & Outbound: Incoming and outgoing calls

With tabuni’s telephone service software, incoming and outgoing calls can be processed and managed.

In the service of your client, you can:

  • Manage incoming calls
  • Manage outgoing calls
  • Handle forwarded calls
  • Manage callbacks

You can evaluate and bill each operation, and your client automatically receives a corresponding proof for each transaction.

Documentation and Billing


All calls are stored for billing with the client. For each client, you can find an itemized call statement in their account. The display can be in minutes or seconds.

Conversation notes

All conversation notes are stored in the client’s account and can be accessed there as work evidence and information.

CSV Data Export

When needed or for monthly billing, extensive data can be sent as .csv files to email recipients for further processing.

Telephonist Training: Easy onboarding

Efficiency is one of the most crucial success factors for every call center. With tabuni, only a few standards are necessary, and every employee becomes the perfect telephonist, universally deployable for all clients.