Tariff management

Tariff management

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Modular Structure

By registering an account, the visitor to your website becomes a user. After logging into your tabuni customer portal, various service offerings are available to the user. Technically, tabuni refers to the software components required to provide the service offering as modules. You define how your service offering should be billed through tariffs.

tabuni is modular in structure. For a module to be ordered, there must be a tariff for that module.

Principle of Tariff Management

What are tariffs?

A tariff stores and manages items with different properties.

Items refer to services or products that you want to bill to your clients or sell to your clients.

Unlimited Tariffs (1)

You can create and manage unlimited tariffs. This allows you to set individual prices and different billing methods for an unlimited number of different clients.

Public & Non-Public Tariffs (2)

Public tariffs are tariffs that are „publicly visible“ on the order page for a module.

Non-public tariffs are tariffs that are „not publicly visible.“ If a tariff is marked as „non-public,“ an offer number is generated for it.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Numerous Billing Options (3)

Yearly, monthly, or one-time? Based on time or with a flat fee? Time tracking in seconds or minutes? tabuni offers you numerous billing options to create the perfect tariff for your customers and gain advantages in the competition.

Automation and Control

Calculate and automatically monitor cost limits and the profitability of flat rates.

Keys (4)

Assignment of data sources for automatic billing.

Price Lists (5)

Presentation options for designing attractive price lists.