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Store and manage all your contacts in one central and secure location, and share them with colleagues.


Collaborate with your organization on a centralized knowledge database. Define and standardize processes and workflows within your company.


Create an unlimited number of calendars and planners for individuals, objects, groups, and other entities. Share calendars with colleagues and groups.


Generate invoices for your services and products within seconds. Automatically send invoices as attachments via email or provide download links to your customers.

Why tabuni?

Laser-Focused Simplicity

In the jungle of solutions, tabuni stands out by focusing on what truly matters. Experience streamlined core features that prove their worth in real-world business scenarios. Embrace simplicity with functionality.

A Decade of Excellence Since 2006

Trust a solution with a track record – the team behind tabuni has been excelling since 2006. Proven and refined over the years, our platform demonstrates reliability, evolving alongside the needs of thousands of users.

Tested and Trusted by Thousands

Join the ranks of satisfied users who have tested and trusted tabuni. Our solution has undergone rigorous trials across diverse industries, ensuring adaptability and effectiveness. Your success story starts here.

Tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises

Empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is at the heart of tabuni. Custom-crafted to meet the unique demands of SMEs, our solution provides efficient, tailored support. Elevate your business with tabuni – where excellence meets simplicity.


Online since 2019

tabuni was established in 2017 an had its launch in 2019.

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Experienced by 2500+ companies.

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Inspired by more than 130k Individuals.

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Available in more than 37 countries.

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