About tabuni

Maximizing Customer Relationships, Simplified.

What is tabuni?

Tabuni is a multi-client capable customer service and business software specifically designed for providers of telephone service, secretarial service, office service, and inbound call centers.


Tabuni incorporates experience from millions of calls, over a hundred thousand feedbacks, and the requirements of customers from multiple telephone service, secretarial service, and office service providers. It also reflects the work of over 100 employees from companies in these industries.

Who is Tabuni for?

Tabuni is aimed at existing business service companies and entrepreneurs who wish to operate in the telephone service, secretarial service, and office service industry. As an existing telephone, secretarial, and office service company, you can reduce costs with Tabuni. Guaranteed. With Tabuni, you can expand and improve your service offering, thereby increasing your revenue. The opportunities are vast! If you plan to enter the telephone service and secretarial service industry, Tabuni provides you with a turnkey solution that allows you to compete with industry leaders from day one. Tabuni is structured in a way that you only pay for modules when you resell them to your customers.

From the history book

(or: How it all began)


The idea of Tabuni had its inception in 2006. A solution needed to be found for an inbound call center and its corresponding workflows, where specific data from an unknown number of different projects (clients) could be stored and retrieved. The solution at that time was already baptized with the name Tabuni. Tabuni has been continuously developed since then.

Origin of the name

Tabuni is a coined term derived from the Latin words „Tabularium“ and „universal.“ During the Roman Empire, Tabularium referred to rooms used for storing documents. Translated into modern times, a „Tabularium universal“ is essentially a „universal file“ for the storage and organization of various important data.

Market leader for CRM software for inbound call centers, telephone service providers, secretarial services, and business centers in Germany, Austria and Swiss.

Due to its original focus on the specific needs of inbound call centers, telephone service providers, secretarial services, and business centers, Tabuni quickly emerged as the market leader in this sector.

Expansion to an ERP & CRM solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The fundamental principle of a specific software solution for the industry mentioned in the previous paragraph is that companies (or, in other words, clients and contractors) want to use sensitive corporate data collectively with contractors to maintain contacts and customer relationships.

Abstracting this original principle, Tabuni is an ERP, CRM, and business software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the unique feature of easily employing or involving external employees or teams (specifically, inbound call centers) to handle various tasks that generally arise in any business.

100% cloud = flexible, location-independent solution for in-house and external employees

Thus, due to the evolution and changes in the work environment (such as flexible working hours and independent work locations like home offices), Tabuni precisely aligns with the spirit of the times. This makes it the perfect solution for providers of relevant services as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises to employ and coordinate employees and teams of any size, along with the corresponding workflows.