Cancellations – cancel incorrect invoices and issue credits

Cancellations – Canceling Incorrect Invoices and Issuing Credits

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Billing data that has been printed (invoices) cannot be modified. If an invoice is incorrect and you want to cancel it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the incorrect invoice in Invoicing.
  2. Click on the printer icon, and in the opening dialog, select „Cancel Invoice.“
  3. In the last step, you have the option to set the date for the cancellation document. The date of the invoice is always preselected.
  4. After clicking „OK,“ a final security prompt will appear. Confirm it with „Yes“ to cancel the invoice.

The cancellation document will be automatically sent to your client according to the settings for invoice delivery in contract management.

Issuing a Credit

To issue a credit, add a new invoice item with an appropriate label and a negative amount to the client’s billing data.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cancellations

How can I change the billing address of an invoice?

Invoices cannot be modified.
The address printed on a document (invoice & cancellation) is determined by the partner’s address or the billing address in contract management at the time of invoice printing.