Invoicing program (Invoice)

Invoicing - tabuni's billing program for automated billing with your clients

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Whether you have to write 10 or 1000 invoices per month: with tabuni’s Invoicing, you can handle both scenarios with just a few clicks.

Error-free invoices at the push of a button: 100% transparent and comprehensible for your clients.

Questions about invoices and invoice complaints are minimized, and hours of work for invoice generation simply disappear.

Video: Invoicing

In this video, you will learn

  • how to automatically generate any number of due invoices at the push of a button,
  • how to send invoices as attachments via email or as download links,
  • how to export invoice data for your accounting software,
  • how to improve your customer service and provide your clients with absolute cost transparency.

Top-notch service for your clients: 100% transparency in costs and services

In the account’s cost overview, your clients can at any time and in real-time inform themselves about the incurred costs and services utilized. This not only leaves a professional impression on your clients but is also appreciated with trust and loyalty!

Rapid capture of invoice items

At any time and with a click, you can add invoice items for individual clients. You can access existing items or simply create any position manually.

Automatic invoice generation: generate all due invoices at the push of a button

When a billing interval is completed (for example, the end of the month or the end of a billing year), tabuni generates all invoices that have become due for billing.

The data required for invoice generation in tabuni is captured by the application itself, can be imported from your telephone system, or can be manually entered.

Cancellations: Just one click, and an incorrect or faulty invoice is canceled.

Errors in billing due to data transfer to an invoicing program are a thing of the past with tabuni.

If a claim is still erroneous, unjustified, or needs to be withdrawn for other reasons, you can do so with a single click.

Sending documents: Automatic sending of documents after printing

When a document is printed, it is automatically sent to the invoice recipient.

Billing address, invoice recipient (email), and whether documents should be sent as attachments to email or as download links can be set by you or your client in the contract management.

Archiving documents: Automatic archiving of printed documents

Printed documents are automatically moved to the archive of the respective client. This has several advantages for you:

  • An archived document can be resent to the client with a click.
  • All documents are subject to automatic backups.
  • Your client can download all documents from the archive at any time without your intervention

Exporting documents: Export documents optimized for your accounting software via export interface

Through the export interface, you can export documents as a CSV file. The data within the CSV file can be presented exactly as expected by the import interface of your accounting software.

Reminder processes

Documents that have not been settled in a timely manner can be reminded in any number of stages.

Through the import interface of the reminder system, you can import and remind invoices that, according to your accounting, have not been settled.

Reminder data and reminder documents are stored in the client’s account just like other documents, so they can be accessed at any time.