Whitelabel: 100% customizable design to Corporate Identity

Whitelabel: 100% customizable design to Corporate Identity

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Your Domain, your logo, your colors

tabuni can be installed on a domain of your choice.

For example, on https://www.your-domain.com or https://portal.your-domain.com

You can integrate your logo into tabuni and customize the colors.

Your customer will be thrilled with your professional offering – just like you and your employees.

Also Available as an App for Android and Apple

You can provide your new customer portal to your customers as a web application and as a mobile app for smartphones.

Certain pages and views in tabuni have been developed to be displayed and edited optimally on mobile devices.

With the help of app builders, you can also create a native app for Android or Apple, where specific pages of tabuni can be displayed. This not only increases your sales figures but also enhances your customer’s satisfaction with your service.